Lina Matenda

Head Operations
Lina Matenda is the Head Operations, Internal Audit & Risk, and Compliance Executive of Mushavana Not-For Profit organization. She has over 10 years’ experience in Child Protection and extensive exposure in the  Social Care Services.


Lina has led various Social Care projects in the UK as the Lead Officer for Audits, Risk Management, Human Resources & Governance, held Senior Management positions within the Social Care sector and remains an active member of Voluntary Projects in support of disadvantaged communities.  She holds a Bachelor of Science, BSc (Hons)Social Work from the University of Bedfordshire (United Kingdom), Master of Business Administration from the University of Portsmouth,  Graduate Certificate in Remote Health from Flinders University (Australia), Master of Mental Health with Latrobe University, Australia (2018- current).


Farai Maringazuva

Social Scientist

Farai is a co-founder of Sunshine Kids – Mushavana with over 12 years’ experience in Management Consulting and is an avid socio-economic researcher with skills honed in a period spanning over a decade. He has gained a considerable knowledge base imbued and enhanced by experience working for a Global Audit firm in the SADC region, government, quasi-government and private institutions in the region. Farai is currently a Managing Partner for a Human Resources Consulting Firm and has significant experience in Management Consulting encompassing Organisational Transformation, Performance Management, Talent Management, Corporate Governance and Business Process Re-engineering. He has vast experience in social economic research consisting of economic, health and agricultural research at national level. 
Farai is passionate and committed to the protection of children’s rights, provision of health services and education especially to the disadvantaged  communities. He is committed to work with the Sunshine Kids – Musha Vana team to help reduce child mortality, the promotion of education through literacy support programs, and strategic initiatives towards improvement and promotion of mental health in disadvantaged communities.

Naina Maponga

Naina Photo Website

Social Worker
Naina Maponga holds a Bsc (Hons) in Social work. Has over 5 years experience working with the disadvantaged communities in UK. Her passion is to make a difference in people’s lives. She loves to guide and support individuals, families and communities all around her. Individuals, families and communities have different experiences hence the need to understand the person or family from their frame of reference. Her passion for Social work drives her to make things better and relieve suffering for other individuals


Many people have been touched by the vision and passion of MushaVana and have helped to make MushaVana the unique and innovative charity that it is today.


Lina Matenda, Farai Maringazuva,  Naina Maponga.


President – Farai Maringazuva

Secretary- Lina Matenda

Treasurer-  Faith Chimbambo

Committe Member- Maxwell Chuma

Committe Member- Chipo Maringazuva

Commitee Member- Naina Maponga

Committe Member- Trymore Matema 


MushaVana chooses to maintain a small, highly-skilled team of professionals with a diverse range of experience and education. Each team member is self-motivated, takes initiative and is passionate about the safety, stability and development of children.

CEO Zimbabwe – Vacant

Project Manager – Chipo Maringazuva

Manager Policy and Services (Australia,  Melbourne) – Raja Saaed.