Sunshine Kids-Musha Vana (Australia), is a not for profit institution registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission (ACNC). Sunshine Kids-Musha Vana has a goal of advancing education and advancing health for vulnerable communities, in the best interest of their children. Its activities include seeking resources in Australia that can be used sustainably by single young mothers and orphans in the rural remote areas of Zimbabwe in order that they can meet the basic needs of their children. Within these communities, e’g just one exercise book or text book can make a difference to a child by increasing the child’s literacy skills and or knowledge building, which enrich and equip that child with sustained positive achievements.

During a recent field research tour in July 2017 in the rural remote areas of Zimbabwe to appreciate challenges the communities were facing, feedback from these communities were heart touching. Children stated that: They required an exercise book only and writing on the soil agitated their eyes and made them unwell.
They survived only on a bowl of porridge to sustain him the whole day, prior to walking a 15 km distance to walk to school.
They sought help for a reading book to enhance her language skills.

Hence our passion to uplift these children and young adults to enhance their life skills for a better sustainable future. These communities who will be assisted through the project, have experienced great difficulties and obstacles hindering basic needs, which adversely impact on their human dignity and well-being. Young female adults are subject to teenage pregnancies due to lack of basic needs, leading to increased vulnerabilities, struggling with schooling, while others have left school and unable to obtain employment and/or training. As a result, they often suffer from a range of health issues which, if not addressed have the potential to impact on them throughout their lives.The projects aim to assist and support these communities to engage, re-engage in school, improve their physical and mental health, provision of information and links to general community health, sporting and recreational activities. As the young people gain knowledge and skills, they will be empowered to become leaders of their own community in order to act as mentors to other young people, to thrive and achieve economic participation and succeed.
Overall, the project focuses on long term capacity building and reduced reliance on formal supports.